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Tribal Honey


We have our association with honey collectors, local tribes & communities of Odisha, Nilgiri Mountains, Sunderbans, Kartaniyaghat Forest, Kashmir and Nagaland.



  1. We work with local settlements in deep forest regions where tribal honey harvesters collect the honey from naturally occurring bee hives on cliffs and trees. 
  2. We harvest the honey from pesticide free, chemical free and pollution free remote areas of the forests which are known for their rich and diverse ecosystem where indigenous wild forest bees such as ApisDorsata, ApisLaboriosa etc feed and forage on naturally growing medicinal herbs.
  3. Dark brown in color with medium viscosity, the aroma and the taste reminds the wild flora of forest region.
  4. We are working in collaboration with recognized bodies like WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for helping the forest ecosystem and to ensure that the tribal/forest honey collector communities get premium benefits for their honey, which is really hard to acquire. 
  5. Tribal honey is sourced Kartaniyaghat Forest on the Indo-Nepal border.

*crystallization of honey is a sign of purity*

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