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Himalayan Honey


Produce of wild honey bees of forest which build their colonies in the tree. This honey has been harvested from the foothills of the serene and majestic Himalayan Mountains such as Munsiyari, Khirsu, Binsar, Karog Valley, Warwan Valley and Gurez Valley.

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  1. We harvest the honey from pesticide free, chemical free and pollution free remote areas of the forests which are known for their rich and diverse ecosystem where indigenous wild forest bees such as ApisDorsata, ApisLaboriosa etc feed and forage on naturally growing medicinal herbs.
  2. Light golden in color with low viscosity, the aroma and the taste reminds the freshness of Himalayan region.
  3. Chemical Free, Unheated, Unadulterated & Unprocessed, 100% Natural, Pure & Raw, No Preservatives & No added Sugar. 
  4. It is a great source of Antioxidant, boosts the immune system and known for its Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial properties.

*crystallization of honey is a sign of purity*

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