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Ashwagandha restores strength and vigour, stimulates the immune system, balances the nervous system and effectively combats stress hence promoting quality sleep. Works wonderfully for convalescents (recovering patients). 



  1. Ashwagandha essentially restores strength and vigor to those lacking in dynamism and energy, such as recovering patients. It stimulates the immune system and promotes healthy functioning of all organs.
  2. It promotes quality sleep and balances the nervous system. Its properties are close to those of Ginseng.
  3. Like adaptogenic* herbs (which adapt themselves to the needs of the organism, such as Ginseng and Rhodiola), Ashwagandha benefits the entire body and mind. It also possesses aphrodisiac virtues, acting as a powerful regulator.
  4. It also effectively combats all forms of stress thus, resulting in quality sleep. And also promotes healthy metabolic functioning.

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